Our aim was and remains to help dispel people’s fears, misunderstandings and prejudices and strengthen that what unites us.

The result of our endeavour was a children’s game that helps to further revive and nurture in a very colourful, lively and refreshing manner the joy children experience in exploring and discovering things that are new and unknown to them.
In the game Peranto players meet children from all over the world and discover things they hold in common and where they differ. In a very playful manner, the desired impulse is generated to see the things we all hold in common as something that helps unite us, and our differences as something that enriches our lives.

Juliane Njankouo works as a director and freelance copywriter in Cologne. She was, among other things, one of the main driving forces and contributors to the worldwide Thank You Campaign honouring the donors of the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.
In her capacity as a scriptwriter and director, she also made the moving documentary titled “Mein Kopf war wie Waschmaschine”, which freely translates to “My head felt like a washing machine” – a poignant account of a women’s refuge in Germany. In her work, Juliane Njankouo relentlessly tries to combine economic viability and social commitment.
The fundamental idea behind Peranto was Juliane Njankouo’s desire to familiarize children in a playful manner with topics such as integration and mutual understanding.

Sabine Kronzucker, the youngest daughter of famous TV journalist and non-fiction author Dieter Kronzucker, is responsible for creating the country texts, continuing development of the Peranto online platform, and other communications activities. Her cosmopolitan background, her activities as an advertising and PR professional, and her personal experiences as a mother make her a great "player" with respect to the success of Peranto.

Integration is not only a current political topic, it's the only possibility for peaceful cooperation and long-term stability in our society. That’s why we receive support from renowned personalities and institutions, who participate as sponsors and multipliers for distribution of the game.

Part of the proceeds from The Enterprise noah 2.10 will go to the aid project Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage e.V. (Network for Democracy and Courage, NDC).

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