You're so different. Or maybe not? Integration is something that needs to be practiced. The PERANTO card game shows children what they have in common and what their differences are. They can playfully discover how to understand each other better, how to respect each other, and how to have fun together; not only in terms of what they have in common, but also in terms of their differences…

After purchasing the game, you will automatically receive access to our online portal. The portal features unfamiliar, amazing, and remarkable facts involving the 10 countries that are discussed in the game. An example is provided here.


  • 28 playing cards sized 14 x 7 cm
  • 56 pictures of children from around the world; showing the following themes: 1. I like to make music | 2. I like to eat | 3. I like to draw | 4. I like to do sports | 5. I like to learn | 6. I like to laugh | 7. I like to cuddle
  • 10 small wooden toy blocks bearing national flags that match these nations’ landmarks depicted on ten playing cards
  • Suitable for 2 to 5 players from 6 to 10 years of age
  • Number of games recommended for a group of 25 children: 5

Players are each dealt four cards face down at the beginning of the game. Throughout the game, the faces of the cards should only be visible to the holder but not to the other players. The remaining cards are stacked together on the table for later use. The faces of the cards each show two photographs of children accompanied by a sentence describing the depicted theme. There are seven possible themes depicted on these cards. During the game, players match those cards showing similar activities and connect the corresponding sentences of each of those cards to one another. Players can choose in what direction they want to connect the matching cards. However, a card can only be played and placed against the side of another card if both ends display the same sentence. As the turn passes from player to player, if a player cannot make a move, he or she must draw a card from the top of the stack of remaining cards on the table and pass.

In addition, ten of the total 56 photographs on the cards also show landmarks from different countries. In the process, special attention was placed on showing a landmark of at least one country from each continent (e.g. Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel Tour, Chinese Wall, etc.). The game also includes ten small wooden toy blocks bearing the national flag of the respective country in question. Players must then match the flags with the corresponding landmarks/ countries depicted on the cards. They are allowed to discuss the landmarks among each other.
A game ends when all cards have been played and connected in such a way that they match, and when all wooden blocks have been matched with the correct landmarks/ countries depicted on the cards.

The game is available in all languages. Edition sizes are subject to prior agreement.

Recommendations for the use in primary schools
:: German Language lessons :: Social Studies lessons :: Foreign Languages lessons

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